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Introduction sunflower oil for Aviko premium fries

Publiceret den 22/06/2018

Starting from July 2018 onwards, Aviko will reduce the use of palm oil by replacing it with 100% sunflower oil for all foodservice premium fries. The change will be gradually starting from July, based on stock levels, with first sunflower Super Crunch articles. From week 38 onwards also Super Longs and other brands like Turbo fries will change.

Aviko expects the first introductions from July 2018 with a transition period which may take until mid 2019, as we will clear existing stocks of products and films to avoid unnecessary waste, as in line with our
policies of using resources responsibly.

The background to this change is consumers nowadays view food choices as part of their overall life styles: vitality and health are important drivers to them. We want to take our responsibility by making a healthy choice the standard in our fast growing premium frozen fries for food service.

What will be noticeable changes?

  • New article numbers will be introduced to keep the articles with palm oil separate from the new sunflower articles.
  • Carton and film design will change to give each product more appeal. 
  • Sunflower oil does not become solid when kept frozen so our French fries appear a bit more shiny
  • The fries in prefried condition look a bit more yellow. After frying the colour difference will no longer be visible.

All details of changes will be confirmed to you when articles are ordered.